Who we are.

My name is Eric van Oosterom, I founded HarperMac Marine Survey and I am an experienced Merchant Navy Chief Officer on general cargo ships.

Since may 2011 I stopped sailing to provide a full service as Cargo Marine Surveyor, after working on general cargo ships as a chief officer for 7 years and on tankers for 3 years.

If the quantity of work exceeds the work I ca do on my own then I hire freelancers that have at least a COC as chief officer without limitations, I prefer to use officers still working on the merchant navy who want to do something in thier reliefs from sea.

Due to a large network of freelancers we can do nearly all surveys you ask for.

For bunkersurveys we hire specialists with at least 10 years experience as bunker surveyor.

A total of about 15 specialist on different fields of expertise stand ready to serve your needs.
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